Admissions Open for Session 2022-23

05 Sep 2020

Teachers' Day

Necessity is the mother of invention. - Plato

On the 5th of September surprise awaited the staff of Notre Dame School when they were requested to join a link sent to them...what followed was a spectacular and awesome program put up by the students under the able guidance of Principal, Sr. Mary Alice. Program started with prayers invoking God's Blessings on all.

Speeches overflowing with love and gratitude was addressed to the teaching faculty by the President, Vice President and other council members.

An array of vibrant program was presented by the students of all sections of the school.

The students thanked the teachers for educating and updating themselves with technology so as to teach, empower and inspire the students in all ways possible. The teachers felt overwhelmed and expressed their gratitude towards the Principal, institution and the student's for their love exhibited.

The covid crisis... has brought out many hidden talents of people. Sr. Alice made it known to the staff members regarding a book published by ma'am Ramaa Shankar ....'Handle with care..Small Things Matter'. On this happy note the program was wrapped up...encouraging all to explore within and challenge oneself !