Admissions Open for Session 2022-23

01 Feb 2020
Educational Visit To The National Science Centre, New Delhi.

The students of class VII, VIII and IX visited The National Science Center, Delhi as a part of the educational tour this month. The National Science Center is a science museum that is engaged in popularization of science among the students. The aim of the visit was to develop the science awareness and scientific temper among the students.

The students were first invited to the auditorium for a short program on optics, and later they explained them about the functioning of India's Thirty Meter Telescope. A short quiz was also held in which the winners were awarded small gifts.

The students were greatly excited about the exhibition halls, especially the galleries 'Our Science and Technology Heritage'. Besides these, there were small but attention grabbing exhibits and a maze 9f mirrors which gives illusionary effect which invoked much interest in students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and the plethora of exhibits left them spell bound. They were really drawn in the magical world of science and were greatly inspired. The trip was an enriching experience for all.